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Consultation with a Hairdresser at OMG Studio

Hello! You are booked in for a consultation with a hairdresser at our salon. We cannot wait to have you here! Below text will tell you what to expect from the consultation and what to bring with you so that you learn about your hair as much as poosibe.

These days we are all super busy, so do not worry - we won't take your whole day. The hairdressing consultation at OMG Studio takes approximately 15 minutes and afterwords you can get back to enjoying your day!

During your consultation, the hairdresser will asses the condition of your hair and advise you on what colours are achievable on your hair. In case your hair is severely damaged by previous chemical treatments, the hairdresser will advise you on how to take care for your hair to rebuild their strength. We will recommend suitable products for your hair type, as well as how to prepare your hair for the bleaching/ colouring session - so that after the colouring treatment your hair will look immaculate.

If you have any inspiration/ pictures of the hair colour you would like to get done, please bring them with you to your consultation. This will allow us to see what style you like and direct your hair colouring sessions towards your hair goal. We would also kindly ask that you bring photos of hair products you currently use - shampoo and conditioner/mask (front showing the brand name and the back showing the ingredients list). If you wish, the hairdresser can also estimate the costs associated with your next colouring treatment.

At the very end we will do a patch test which is mandatory before the first colouring treatment at our salon. The initial cost of the consultation with hairdresser is €15. This cost is deductible from your first colouring treatment in our salon.

Depending on your selection of the colouring treatment, the current waiting time to see a hairstylist in our salon is 4-6 weeks. Incase you have any questions, you can always contact us via phone 0874428617 or Facebook prior to your consultation. Due to COVID-10 Pandemic, we ask that you to wear a protective face mask coming in to the hair salon. You will receive an sms reminder 2 days prior to your appointment. If you are not able to attend your appointment, please give us at least 48h notice. We will then be able to cancel or reschedule your appointment to another suitable date.

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